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Alright, I will try this and start testing and giving some feedback.

On a side note though, I am not sure exactly how your architecture works, but I am always worried about scalability and storage. Can I connect and external DB or DB server? If not how would I scale the DB etc, would I be able to run multiple instances of FF on my server to compensate for that or just scaling in general, how would sessions be distributed? If I wanted to connect to S3 how easily would I be able to do this?


Seeing that we can run FatFractal on our local machine with, can we therefore deploy it on our own server or something like Amazon ec2?

Well we need a way to manipulate the scriptAuthService parameter for a logged in user, there by linking the manual account.

If a user signs up manually, how do I link their Facebook account? So that they can either sign in using Facebook or Manually with FatFractal?

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